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Wealth Generation Course (Code: LTC5)

5-Day Trading Course
Price: $ 2,499.00

The main focus of the 5-day Wealth Generation Trading Course is to learn how put into practice the theories and concepts of Price Behavior as applied to long term trading and wealth generation. Using hands on training, the trader learns how to use the Price Behavior concepts for any asset class including Forex, Stocks and Commodities

Using the concepts of real time price trading is probably something most traders have not encountered.

In a short period of time, traders will learn how to use the unique price behavior trading system for getting in and out of high probability trades. As opposed to most modern day trading systems, our system is not based on “black boxes” or quantitative mathematics. Instead, students learn how to trade real time price movement based on 35 years of proven successful trading techniques. In short, you learn to trade what you see.

This is the same course delivered to fund managers and professional money managers. The course covers in detail asset allocation and a balancing model to manage risk and protect wealth long term. Our entry and exit rules are what sets our system apart from the more mainstream model of a heavy reliance on technical indicators. As future price movements are only probabilities, our system is focused on real-time price situations and the most appropriate trading strategies.

During the 5 day course you will-

  • Discover the power of Mike’s price action strategic approach as the core to understanding how to outpace the markets
  • Learn how to identify and take maximum advantage of high probability/low risk trades by applying his unique price behavior rules
  • Quantifying the correct risk for each trade
  • Identifying price Significant, Structural and Reversal points
  • See how to benefit from other traders mistakes and make sure you don’t make them
  • Understand what is happening behind the charts and what truly drives price
  • Chart reading skills as they apply to Price Behavior
  • Trade Preparation; Portfolio Selection; Trade initiation and liquidation rules; Calculating long- term stops
  • Position sizing techniques (how much to buy and sell?)
  • How to interpret volatility and its effect on position size
  • Dollar normalizing your Portfolio’ techniques
  • Inter-relationship between markets – e.g. Gold and US Dollar
  • Market psychology
  • Identifying market condition, and how to interpret powerful price formations such as Structural failures, breakout of consolidation, gift lines etc.
  • Understanding ENTRY and EXIT criteria
  • Applying ‘Price Behavior’ trading to any instrument – Stocks, commodities, Forex, effectively any market you could want to trade.
  • Identifying different market conditions and high probability winning trades
  • Learn price anatomy so you can take the emotion out of your trading
  • Attend Mike Baghdady’s live Sunday Online Planning Session to learn how to plan your trades

And ultimately learn to “Trade what you see, not what you think.™”

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