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Day Trading Software (Code: DTTS)

Trading Software (Lifetime License)
Price: $ 4,997.00

This rules based software is designed specifically for the day trader.

It is the brain child of Mike Baghdady and based on his 35+ years of experience as a professional trader in a multitude of markets.

One of the many things that sets the Day Trading software apart is the fact that it is an open box system that displays onscreen rules for entries and exits. This means you learn and reinforce the rules as you trade.

The Day Trading software has been designed specifically to help develop confidence and consistency with the option for full automation!

The trading screen setup is made up of a number of unique elements only available through Training Traders. Important to note is the fact that they are all leading indicators and are fixed unlike many other indicators that are lagging so can give false signals.

Included in this package is the

  • 5-day Day Trading Course normally $997.00
  • and a lifetime licence to Multicharts which will normally cost $1,497.00

The Day Trading Software is made up of –

The Price Behavior Trading Methodology©

The Price Behavior Methodology© is a RULE-BASED System that eliminates the emotion and guesswork in trading.

The Price Behavior Methodology© is an OPEN BOX and NOT a BLACK BOX system! You will know why the trade is taken!

Comprehensive set of principles that guide traders in executing low risk/• high reward trades.

  • Price Behavior© helps traders eliminate the “emotion” in their trading.
  • Price Behavior© puts traders on the right side of the market.
  • Price Behavior© allows traders to take high-probability trades.
  • Price Behavior© increases the odds of executing winning trades from entry to exit.
  • Price Behavior© boosts the confidence of traders at all experience levels.
  • Price Behavior© helps generate more winning trades.
  • Price Behavior© helps traders become more successful.
  • Price Behavior© can automatically execute trades.

Price Behavior© Components

  • Price Behavior© Components
  • Price Behavior KeyLines©
  • Price Behavior MarketSide©
  • Price Behavior MarketWave©
  • Price Behavior RadarScreen©
  • Price Behavior Strategy©

Price Behavior KeyLines© show significant Ranges and important Levels of the day.

Price Behavior KeyLines© enable traders to see the Ranges and the previous session’s key levels historically and in real time.


Price Behavior MarketSide©

Price Behavior MarketSide

Price Behavior MarketSide©

The Price Behavior MarketSide© indicator helps traders stay on the right side of the market.

  • The MarketSide© indicator provides traders with a compass and a sense of direction.
  • TheMarketSide© indicator provides a clearer picture of the market direction.

Price Behavior MarketWave©

Price Behavior MarketWave

Price Behavior MarketWave

Price Behavior MarketWave©

  • The Price Behavior MarketWave© assists traders in identifying trending, retracing and choppy market days.
  • The MarketWave© indicator shows when there is an impulse to the long side and when there is an impulse to the short side.
  • The MarketWave© works in conjunction with the KeyLines©, Technical Ranges and MarketSide© indicators to provide a much clearer picture of what the market is doing.

Price Behavior RadarScreen©

Price Behavior Radarscreen

Price Behavior Radarscreen

Price Behavior RadarScreen©

The Price Behavior RadarScreen© is a great tool that helps traders monitor • all of their financial instruments in a very convenient way.

  • The Price Behavior RadarScreen© alerts traders when significant price points are reached.
  • The Price Behavior RadarScreen© scans all Markets every five (5) seconds helping traders quickly identify trending, retracing and reversing instruments for the day.
  • The Price Behavior RadarScreen© identifies and alerts traders to trade signals every five (5) seconds.

Price Behavior Strategy©

Price Behavior Strategy

Price Behavior Strategy©

Is an Open Box system, NOT a Black Box system;

  • No mysterious algorithms;
  • The system can automatically execute trades;
  • The Methodology’s time-tested rules are coded and explained.

The full Day Trading chart setup.

We then add the 1 day chart to the setup and this is what the final Day Trading set up looks like.

Price Behavior Full day chart setup

This truly is an all in one trading system designed specifically to help traders follow rules, develop confidence, consistency and profitability.

Want to know more?

Call us on +44 203 405 1000 or email us on info@trainingtraders.com

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