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One-2-One Coaching (Code: 121PCA)

Professional Coaching
Price: $ 150.00

Developing a successful trader is much more than teaching a student how to understand and follow a sequence of activities. As with all real-time performers, trading constantly tests a person’s emotional mettle.

That’s why even the best in their fields use coaching as a way to provide objective input, accountability and support in addressing gaps

The goal of Training Traders One-2-One Professional Coaching is to help you become successful in the shortest possible time. There are no short cuts though, and expect that you will need to do some hard, focused work. However, from a potential Return-on-Investment in money and time, is unlimited, unlike most other careers.


How the One-2-One Professional Coaching is structured

  • On application and payment
  • Your coach will send you out a questionnaire via email (for you to fill in and return)
  • A time will be agreed via email to meet with your coach
  • Your coach will then review with you your questionnaire
  • Your coach will then tailor the session to your needs
  • This could include reviewing your trade setups, demonstrating the Training Traders methodology, setting and working through exercises or anything else that is most appropriate to your needs.

Want to know more?

Call us on +44 203 405 1000 or email us on info@trainingtraders.com

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