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Professional Trading Rooms

Online Trading Courses Room

Log in 15 minutes before the start of the course to give yourself time to check that you’re visual and audio is working perfectly. Training Traders training course are all about building a strong foundation in trading. You will learn pure price behaviour trading from a 35+ year veteran using the his tried and tested methodology.

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Online Trade Planning Room

Log in to access Mike Baghdady’s OTP live session every Sunday. See the Price Behavior methodology applied by Mike Baghdady as he analyses the markets for the upcoming week. Gain a valuable insight into how to identify and plan high probability trades the Training Traders way every week.

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Professional Trading Room

This an invite only service where Mike Baghdady and professional traders trained by Mike plan the days trades that are taken on his personal and investors funds. This is an opportunity to shadow the trades made but is restricted in numbers. This is a professional trading room and focus is paramount. Please email info@trainingtraders.com to be considered.

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