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Software, Installation and Videos

Please click on the appropriate image below to download the software and installation manual.

Long Term Sofware

Short Term Software

Long Term Software long term instructions Short Term Software short term instruction

Click on image to view video instructions

Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions

  • downloading the files
  • installing the files
  • opening the correct workspaces
  • setting the right preferences
  • adding the day strategy and repairing (short term only)


Setup Instructions

Trading Demo

  • Buy/Sell
  • Stops
  • Amounts
  • Keeping track of positions
  • Closing
  • Link to multicharts tutorial


Setup Instructions

Altering the Workspace

  • New windows
  • Removing windows to separate screens
  • Linking windows
  • Adding significant point lines
  • Adding long/short points to radar
  • Enabling alerts
  • Changing the resolution


{modal}Adding Instruments{/modal}

Adding Instruments

  • Adding instruments to quote manager
  • Adding instruments to radar afterwards
  • instrument types (LMAX and CQG)


Setup Instructions

Other Issue Fixes

  • Restart multicharts properly
  • Ctrl + r (refresh)
  • Delete instrument from quote manager properly and re-add
  • Re-adding the software if it gets removed