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About "Mr. Price Behavior" - Mike Baghdady

Mike Baghdady is a 35+ year veteran of the financial markets.

He is a graduate of the American University at Cairo in Egypt as well as Victoria College Cairo.

He is a Market Technician and has held NASD licenses series 3, 7, 55 and 63. 

Mike Baghdady is the world's foremost leading expert on Price Behavior and a 35+ year veteran of the global financial markets, and the developer of the “Price Behavior Trading”™©.

A key market analyst, syndicated columnist and commentator for financial television stations, Mike can proudly boast as being one of the very fortunate few to apprentice at the hands of Mr. Alan R. Shaw CMT, widely considered the father of modern Technical Analysis at Solomon Smith Barney.  Since then he worked as a Commodities Trader, Stock Trader, Futures analyst, Options trader, Hedge Fund manager and as an instructor for both Foreign Currency Exchange and Equities Markets. 

Mike was one of a handful of Market technicians globally who publicly advised his clients to short this Bear market at its inception as early as November 2007 when the Dow Jones was at 13,300 (see attached Mcdady Newsletter page 7 & 8).

Mike spent the pinnacle of his career as Head Technical Trader and Advisor for a group of Elite Traders on the trading floor of New York Board of Trade until its merger with the InterContinental Exchange in 2008.  As a head trader at theNYBOT (The New York Board of Trade) Mike called out trades for his team on the exchange floor and was responsible for training many of the floor traders to transition themselves from floor trading to technically trading off the charts, and computer screens.

Mike consequently gained extensive experience in teaching and mentoring and was able to clearly define a set of golden trading rules that provided him with the intellectual know-how to produce the first pure rule-based trading software.

He teaches the unique Price Behavior trading techniquesto professional traders at many prime banks, institutions and dealing desks worldwide. Mike has trained 100’s of professional traders and proprietary traders around the globe. His Price Behavior software has been incorporated onto professional trading platforms and is used by many institutional traders. 

He has taught a series of technical trading techniques in several seminars to more than 50 banks, institutions and dealing desks and delivered many keynote speeches in London, Italy, Florida, Dubai and Mexico this year, at private seminars and trading events.

Mike has always been a Price Purist and a firm believer that the price is the primary leading indicator and is a true representation of the market participants’ psychology. The collective perception of traders is what really moves the price, and many times the way traders perceive reality gets in the way of their trading.

Mike teaches what he calls “Price Behavior Trading” using only Price … to gain an edge in the market and manage risk and exposure through this unique price action system, rather than relying on short-lived systems.

Mike used the Price Behavior techniques to win the “World of Trading” live trading competition in November 2009 in Frankfurt and he was also the featured trader byThe Traders Magazine in June 2010 (see attached).

Mike Baghdady was the keynote speaker at the FXstreet.com International Traders Conferences 2010.

He trained groups of Attendees in Price Behavior.

He launched the New Turtle Traders:http://youtu.be/11-Kn64f2O8

Using these methods, Mike teaches these same rules and strategies, essential for successfully trading today’s turbulent markets, including: Technical Analysis and its practical application; Chart reading skills as they apply to Price Behavior; Identifying different market conditions and winning trades; Quantifying the correct risk for each trade; Identifying price significant points, Reversal, Significant point and flipping trades; Trading the news; Scalping techniques; Trade Preparation; Portfolio Selection; Trade initiation and liquidation rules; Calculating long-term stops; and the 21 rules of successful trading.