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Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that for the first month you use a simulated (Demo) account. You are learning a new system and developing a new skill. It takes time. There is a large volume of information to absorb and when your confidence grows you should start trading in small amounts. When you start seeing consistency in your results you can increase your position size to reflect your risk tolerance.
This is influenced by a great number of factors and includes previous trading experience you have had, amount of chart time you put in, will power, other commitments and personality to name a few. The more time spent in front of the charts and using the Training Traders methodology the more experience you will gain and the faster you will learn. The more you do, the more you will learn. In fact, all Traders continue to learn every day. You could expect to be more consistent in around six months but you have to put the effort in and learn the key lessons taught by our Traders. Everyone is different. Some learn quicker and some slower. We have a range of learning solutions to support you through this process. If you would like to know more please go to the Products section.
Mike Baghdady does many of the training sessions himself and he predominantly does the Sunday OTP sessions. Some of the live trading room sessions are hosted by one of Mike Baghdady's expert traders.
For you to become a successful and profitable trader, you have to gain a Trading Edge. This means that you will need to plan your time to suit the type of Trading you wish to do and the around the other commitments you have. All types of Trading require you to do your homework. You have to be available for longer periods if you are short term Trading and generally less if you are trading longer time frames. If you would like help with deciding the time frame best for you please call or email us at info@trainingtraders.com or book in a session with one of our professional coaches.
This depends on you the client and your time horizon, for more information on both styles please refer to the relevant section on the site.
As our class sizes are kept to a manageable size small, our expert traders will ensure that all your questions are answered and we are available through many of the supporting products we offer.
There are many good trading books available however the point of trading cannot simply be learned from a book, it takes practice, patience and time to acquire the skills we impart at Training Traders.
At Training Traders we pride ourselves on the quality and sophistication of our products, if there are new software updates they will automatically be sent to all who have purchased the Training Traders software systems.
We recommend taking the software with the Trading Courses in order to get the full benefit of the time you put into learning to trade as they are both linked to the price behaviour methodology.
Initially, if you are just starting to trade you will begin with a demo account. As your confidence builds you can start trading with real money and you can build your capital as you progress with the learning curve. There may also be the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with Training Traders to help you build up your capital as you learn, for more information on this please see the relevant section of the website.
Yes, all of our courses are available in interactive online format for remote traders. We have clients from all over the world who just come to the site and log-on to access the full features of the Training Traders products.
If you have any other questions you would like answered you can contact one of our expert traders on +44 203 014 8928 or by email info@trainingtraders.com